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What is a Red Dog?

"Conservative Opinion"

This blog came to life on January 26, 2010 asking the question, What is a Red Dog?

What happened in the 2008 elections fundamentally changed the scope and direction of government in the United States.

After the election of Barack Obama and the exceedingly liberal Democrat majority in Congress,  deficit spending, government bailouts, government takeovers, government run healthcare and out of control spending became the new norm, and our country became mired in outrageous debt and high unemployment.  That is when the Tea Party came on to the political scene.  The Tea Party gave all Conservatives, (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) a place to voice protest against the growth of government and the loss of Constitutional freedoms.

The Tea Party, though, was formed as an apparatus for protest, not to be a political party and therefore it was not equipped for elections or government involvement.  Many of the Tea Party members, it turns out, are, or were, members of the Republican Party who had either strayed from political involvement, or lost their faith in the Republican Party, but events brought them back to their political home.

But Conservative, Tea Party activists need their own caucus within the Republican Party.  Apart from the faux Republicans, the RINO and the Moderates.  Much like the  Blue Dog’s have their own caucus within the Democrat Party.

What is needed is a place and a voice for the true Conservatives within the Republican Party; Conservatives who believe;

  • The Constitution, based in part on the Word of God, is the Supreme Law of the land.
  • A Free Market Economy with as little government intrusion as possible.
  • The Deficit should not be reduced, it should be eliminated.
  • Lower Taxes to spur the economy and reward hard working all Americans.
  • Limited Government, in both its size and scope.
  • Strong National Defense that protects its citizens from threats at home and abroad.
  • Secure Borders which keep terrorists out and promote Legal Immigration.
  • A Strong Military that has the equipment and services that they need to protect our country.
  • Social Policy based upon our Founding Father’s Judeo-Christian beliefs; policy which promotes Individual Responsibility and Strengthen families.

Red Dog Republicans.

Conservatives that would make Ronald Reagan proud.

If you hold true to these values, then you too are a Red Dog.

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