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(Video) Bill Clinton Disagrees with Al Gore; Carbon Dioxide is Plant Food not a Toxin

May 16, 2010

Former President Bill Clinton with Joyce Murtha

While campaigning in Johnstown, Pennsylvania Sunday, former President Bill Clinton became yet another voice in the fight against his former Vice President’s cap and tax Carbon scheme.  Although he did not mention Al Gore’s name specifically, Clinton did point out that Carbon Dioxide is plant food and that using CO2 as fertilizer for algae is “like putting it on steroids”.

Mr. Clinton was referring to the Redhawk Electric Plant in Wintersburg, Arizona which is using the CO2 emissions from their smokestacks to fertilize an algae farm, which is in turn used as biodiesel.

Anyone who has taken 8th grade science and has grasped the concept of photosynthesis understands that Carbon Dioxide is plant food.  Therefore, anyone who calls CO2 a poison is flat out lying to you and is doing so for the sole purpose of stealing the hard earned contents of your wallet.

How much longer must Al Gore, John Kerry and Joe Lieberman force this lie down the throats of the American people?  Even Bill Clinton is not buying their Carbon fraud anymore.

Please, move on to something more productive gentlemen; maybe stimulating the economy and creating  jobs can be next on your agenda.

The video is a little shaky, but here it is.


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